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Vanessa Len

Vanessa Len writes YA fantasy about girl anti-heroes, monsters and enemies who are maybe in love. When not writing, she loves trying new foods, and reading fantasy, science fiction, and restaurant menus. She’s read every Diana Wynne Jones book more times than she can count. She’s a graduate of the Clarion Writers’ Workshop, and she lives in Melbourne, Australia.

The 'monsters' TRILOGY

Only a Monster

In a world hidden within ordinary London, twelve families have monstrous powers that they gain by stealing life from humans.

Sixteen-year-old Joan is half-monster, and has always yearned to be a hero. But when Nick, the boy she loves, turns out to be a legendary monster slayer, Joan must embrace her own monstrousness to stop him.

Only a Monster will be published in Winter 2022 by Harper Collins USA, Allen and Unwin Australia, Piper Verlag Germany, Penguin Random House Spain, Vulkan Serbia and Eksmo Russia. Optioned for film and TV by Tomorrow Studios.

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